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ISBN 978-1-77171-192-0 Seaweed Under Fire (fiction) 25.95
published 2017 212 pages

The murder of a confidence trickster, followed shortly afterwards by a ruthless second murder suggests that hired killers are at work. Murders pile up. Pursuing the killers takes Coast Salish cop Silas Seaweed on a search through the city’s seedy night clubs and bars.


ISBN 978-1-897430-77-4 Seaweed in the Mythworld (fiction) 17.95
published 2011 254 pages

Coast Salish street cop Silas Seaweed is back in another West Coast noir mystery. Giant Thunderbirds are threatening the skies above British Columbia. A man is found dead in an abandoned church. Canada’s Governor General is dying and an aboriginal shaman is called upon to perform last rites. Add a violent gang boss, Chinese assassins, dangerous women and Coast Salish mythology and it all adds up to another suspenseful page turner.