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ISBN 1-896860-46-X Chainsaws in the Cathedral (poetry) 21.95
published 1999 156 pages

Chainsaws in the Cathedral gathers together the finest of Peter Trower’s poems about the friendships and dangers of the West Coast logging life. The poems reveal Trower’s marvellous tonal range, his ear attuned to the rhythms of the flesh and the wilderness.

ISBN 978-1-897430-26-2 Hellhound on His Trail & Other Stories (memoir/stories) 22.95
published 2008 220 pages

Peter Trower toiled in the freelance trenches for many years, hawking magazine features and newspaper columns to make ends meet. This collection represents some of his best writing from those publications, at turns humourous and heartbreaking, ribald and reflective. Real stories with real characters, told by someone who was really there.

ISBN 1-896860-22-2 Hitting the Bricks (poetry) 12.95
published 1997 94 pages

Hitting the Bricks is a hymn of praise to the other Vancouver, that of back alleys and midnight streets. They are the poems of a man who walks avenues in the dark, his ear attuned to an inner jazz and the things that go bop in the night.

ISBN 1-896860-77-X A Ship Called Destiny: Yvonne’s Book (poetry) 15.95
published 2000 118 pages

Poignant and personal but never sentimental, the poems in A Ship Called Destiny tell the story of a life-long romance. In these poems Trower realizes the “soul’s completion,” finding at last a pervading sense of unity in love.

ISBN 1-894800-05-2 There Are Many Ways (poetry) 18.95
published 2002 120 pages

In There Are Many Ways Jack Wise’s early surreal pen and ink compositions are a fascinating complement to the thundering poetry of Peter Trower. Themes of land, love and memory come alive as Trower explores a unifying vision of nature and myth rooted deep in the soil.