Daniel G Scott


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“Aftertime is a collection of poems that play with time, retirement, glimpses across generations and ponders aging, death and their (im)possibilities. How is time felt in moments of life transitions? We live in time yet experience it at different tempos. Some days fly. Some hours crawl. And what of time itself – how do we live in time as we age, as we leave the world of work and duty, as death becomes more substantial? Aftertime also explores the nature of time itself to wonder if there is time after time, if one can be outside of time. A provocative look at time from the vantage of later in life.”
~ Micheline Maylor, past Poet Laureate of Calgary

Aftertime is an older poet’s reverie: a reminiscence of the past and a recognition of the future, ‘…our smallness, a thin fragility.’ Daniel Scott has illuminated moments of uncertainly, of pain, of humility, of shame, and juxtaposed them against images of bird song, wasps’ paper nest, a lingering hummingbird. He considers retirement, surgery, grandchildren, the existential now, and we feel refreshed by his honesty.”
~ Terry Ann Carter, author of Tokaido

“‘I thought the future was before me, but it is the past before me,’ writes Daniel Scott, as the poems in this collection wrestle with time’s passage – how inexplicably it appears to expand and contract, never mind that we keep a house full of clocks. Yet time does what it wishes as the years fly by, while seconds can take an eternity to pass. The truth he brings us is that always we are on a threshold, our best route – gratitude, and praise for “the delicacy of each day.”
~ Pamela Porter, author of Likely Stories

Daniel G Scott is the current (5th) Artistic Director of the Planet Earth Poetry Reading Series. He has written in a variety of forms but poetry is his long-standing love. He has previously published gnarled love, terrains and Random Excess (with Ekstasis Editions), and black onion and two chapbooks: street signs and Interrupted (with Goldfinch Press). He has individual poems in anthologies and chapbooks as well as numerous academic publications including journal articles and book chapters and, with Shannon McFerran, The Girls Diary Project (University of Victoria, 2013). He won a one-act playwriting competition in New Brunswick in 1984. He is an Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Victoria, School of Child and Youth Care, father and grandfather.

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