Derek Robinson

Bird Poems
An Aviary

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A poet’s aviary –– Derek Robinson presents a feathery verse dedicated to the birds in his life. An avid birdwatcher, Derek Robinson writes a lyric for each of his favorite birds, sparrow, meadowlark, robin, etc. Each poem is a song to the bird in question in return for the song the birds give to him. An important work by a strong new voice in Canadian literature, Bird Poems is sure to appeal to both poetry enthusiasts and birdwatchers. This is a birdwatchers delight!

Derek Robinson is a poet of exceptional sensitivity and depth. Born in Vancouver, he moved to Victoria in 1980. His first book Child was published in 1975, followed by Twelve Poems. His work has appeared in a number of magazines. He published The Inner Shore in 1985 (a collaboration with Miles Lowry and Richard Olafson), A Cloud Edifice and most recently Still in the Dreamtime, all with Ekstasis Editions. He lives in Victoria, BC.

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