Maureen Thorpe

Sailing to Byzantium

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A second Annie & Rosamund Mystery.

A spellbinding journey through time and cultures...

In Sailing to Byzantium two time-travelling wise women from different centuries sail by Viking boat from 10th century Yorkshire to the ancient city of Byzantium to rescue 7-year-old twins. Midwife and fledgling witch, Annie Thornton, and her cat Rosamund, reunite with Annie’s Aunt Meg, a hereditary witch last encountered in 15th century Hallamby, England in Tangle of Time, Maureen Thorpe’s first mystery in this series. Annie's sweetheart from the deep past reappears to help the women face the challenges of an arduous journey, made more difficult by a sinister Viking queen determined to get her way. Combining vivid historical detail with the imaginative possibilities of magic realism, Sailing to Byzantium is a spellbinding journey through time and cultures seen through the astonished eyes of a contemporary woman who both loses and finds her inner power.

“Historical accuracy leaves the reader feeling they too have travelled through time and space.” ~ Kathleen Pickard, MA History

Maureen Thorpe was raised in Yorkshire and now lives in Invermere, B.C. After a career as a nurse, yoga instructor and running coach, Maureen started writing fiction, drawing upon her background and interest in history. Since releasing Tangle of Time in 2018 she has shared presentations on medieval England in libraries and community centres.

Click here for a link to Tangle of Time, the first Annie & Rosamund Mystery.

ISBN 978-1-77171-384-9
299 pages
5.5 x 8.5
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