Heather Spears

The Flourish
Murder in the Family
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Award-winning author Heather Spears recreates the atmosphere of Victorian Scotland as she cracks the silence surrounding a murdered Aunt. With amazing authenticity, the novel gives voice to ‘Chattie,’ Miss Charlotte Spears of Annville, a music teacher and composer torn by duty and desire. Part historical fiction, part murder mystery, The Flourish brings to life a fascinating tale of an independent woman’s adventures beside the River Clyde in the late 19th century.

Poet, artist and novelist Heather Spears has received the Governor-General’s Award for poetry and most recently the Pat Lowther Prize. She lives in Denmark, visiting Canada each year to teach and give readings. She has published 11 poetry collections and three novels of speculative fiction, as well as books of drawings and poetry, including The Panum Poems and Required Reading. Heather Spears also edited and illustrated Line by Line, an anthology of Canadian poetry.

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370 pages
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