Antonio D'Alfonso, editor Found in Translation
An Anthology of Poets from Quebec
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Found in Translation is a unique and exciting look at the process of translation, where poems from seventeen poets from Quebec are each translated by five different translators.

The premise for this anthology is to provide the reader of poetry, and more specifically, the reader of translated poetry, which I sincerely hope is the same and one person, an appreciation of translation in the works. I have included an original poem (or two) by seventeen poets of Quebec, followed by five very different translations that each poem generated. The effect is unique and, as one turns the pages, recognizable as being the translator’s voice. There are varied voices speaking in this anthology. There are the French-speaking voices of the poets, but there are also the English-speaking voices of the translators. Each one with its limited number of elements produces a distinct and recognizable music. Translation is a feast for humanity. ~ Antonio D’Alfonso

Poets ~ Michel Beaulieu, Claude Beausoleil, Paul Bélanger, François Charron, Carole David, Jean-Marc Desgent, Kim Doré, Patrick Lafontaine, Tania Langlais, René Lapierre , Corinne Larochelle, Bernard Pozier, Dominique Robert, Danielle Roger, André Roy, Élise Turcotte, Denis Vanier.

Translators ~ Antonio D’Alfonso, Kate Cunningham, Oisín Curran, Anna McDonald, Carmen Ruschiensky

Antonio D’Alfonso is the author of over thirty books. He founded Guernica Editions in 1978 where he published over 900 authors and 475 books. He now earns his living as a writer, literary translator, filmmaker, and scriptwriter. His first novel, Fabrizio’s Passion (Guernica Editions, 1995) won the Bressani Award. His second novel Un vendredi du mois d’août (Leméac, 2004) won the Trillium Award. His third novel, L’Aimé (2007), won the Christine Dimitriu Van Saanen Award. He shares his time in Montreal and with his daughter in Toronto.

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