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gnarled love is a collection of poems exploring love in its complications and difficulties. Love is a journey and daniel g scott has been writing about love along his artistic path for many years. The poems in gnarled love are selected from several periods on this singular line towards love. Love is unruly. Over time, it shifts and turns, heats, cools; it gets us into trouble and delight and we learn of one another through love. Why gnarled? Imagine knots and twists, something older and surviving, tough but also alive and growing, the many branches of the same tree of being. Love manifests all these things and so much more.

“You may call it redemption / even grace / how a life may be brought back / rewritten…” In these sensuous, startling poems, all the masks are pulled away — from lovers, from the lost, the dying; Daniel Scott “chews on stories / gnaws on their bones.” Read this book and recognize all that life demands of us, and in turn, all it gives.
~ Pamela Porter

On the thin, bent branch, fresh buds unfold. Daniel Scott’s poems invite us to fall in slow motioninto the intimacies of ripened love, fragmented memory and fresh grief. The fragile light of their autumn sun will bend your heart, perhaps unfold your memories. gnarled love would make a wonderful gift for those experiencing the diamond clarity of years.
~ Dvora Levin​

gnarled love invites us to meditate on the redemption of human love. By the light of the poet’s mature fire, we find the grace in our own journeys, to wear, with him, love’s ‘contradictions/living them/staying.’
~ Judith Castle

Daniel G Scott currently is the Artistic Director of the Planet Earth Poetry Reading Series in Victoria BC and will retire from the School of Child & Youth Care at the University of Victoria in June 2016. He has published individual poems in journals, and anthologies and this book is his third book of poetry, proceeded by black onion (Goldfinch Press, 2012) and terrains (Ekstasis Editions, 2014). He has two previous chapbooks the latest, interrupted (Goldfinch, 2015) explores two cancer journeys. He has numerous academic publications in journals, book chapters and with co-author Shannon McFerran The Girls’ Diary Project (University of Victoria, 2013). Writing has saved his life on more than one occasion.

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102 pages
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