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Linda Rogers is a poet passionately engaged with existence whose poems resonate a subterranean logic and the music of deep mindfulness. In Homing: New & Selected Poems she returns again and again to the unquiet ground of the theatre of life. A singular and uncompromising awareness of suffering and joy, hope and despair, the arc of naked dreams and the sense of community, informs her three decades of writing and numerous published collections. In Homing Rogers has included representative poems from previous volumes –– social poems, introspective poems, both thoughtful and exuberant –– as well as new work. The sequence is consistent and steadfast like a slow-moving train of perception through the world of time. Linda Roger’s poems sing with a compassion and concern for social justice that elevates the spirit and massages the mind. Homing is a delicate and deliberate portrait of one poet’s chronicle of residence on planet earth.

Rogers unbuttons language like a verbal vamp…[She]walks the linguistic high-wire with an intuitive balance that gives Woman at Mile Zero a hallucinatory force reminiscent of Verlaine and Rimbaud at their best…Confronted with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, she’d fricassee the snake and make a nice apple tart for dessert.
— John Moore, Vancouver Sun

Linda Rogers is a poet, playwright, editor, and journalist whose work has been translated into seven languages. She is a song lyricist, former Poet Laureate for Victoria, and has an interest in causes that affect the rights of children. She has won, among others, the Dorothy Livesay Award, the Stephen Leacock Poetry Prize, and the Governor General’s Confederation Medal. Linda is the past President of the Federation of BC Writers and the League of Canadian Poets. She lives in Victoria, BC.

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