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Poetaster isn’t a bunch of fancy poems. Poetaster is an open letter, in poetic form, to the cold, cold and clammy heart of meaning. Poetaster sweet talks the small nothings of this universe, begging for little secrets, asking for little truths, strokes the cheeks of existence in hopes of just one kiss in return. Poetaster doesn’t care what the other poets say. All Poetaster has got is 7 days a week, lousy coffee and a few hundred shots at the forbidden, boring, underrated and unappreciated truths of the universe.

Leopold McGinnis wishes he was good at writing bios. Because then he’d tell you how he independently wrote, illustrated, published and promoted three novels—The Red Fez, Game Quest and Bad Attitude—in literary obscurity. Then he’d allude to his several years of literary activism in the underground as the founding editor of Red Fez Publications and founding member of The Guild of Outsider Writers, including his brief but crazy stint with the always outrageous Underground Literary Alliance. Perhaps he’d write his bio in rhyming couplet, or paint a picture big enough to swallow the black hole of his nihilism. Yes, with one simple bio he would catch in a sack all the fluttering questions that beat their black wings against the pink, red and orange of his daily sunsets. Yes, yes, yes. He would.

ISBN 978-1-897430-29-3
164 Pages
6 x 9
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