Warren Stevenson

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Witty and sly, the poems in Serpent upon a Rock have a wonderful organic sensibility that combines both ancient and modern voices. With a twist of phrase the poems can transport a reader from ordinary moments in life to ancient Greece or to a celebration of the solstice with William Blake.

Warren Stevenson holds degrees from Bishop's, McGill, and Northwestern universities, and has worked and taught in northern Quebec, a well as at the universities of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. He has published two previous volumes of poetry, Then and Now and Serpent Upon a Rock, and has won a Borestone Mountain Poetry Award, as well as several prizes in poetry competitions. In addition to numerous articles, he has published six books of criticism including Romanticism and the Androgynous Sublime and A Study of Coleridge's Three Great Poems. He is currently an Associate Professor Emeritus, Ret. at the University of British Columbia.

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