Stephen Bett

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Stephen Bett’s new book of poetry, S PLIT, is divided into three sections: “Split-Up” concerns relationship; “Split-All-Over” is fueled by angst and the poet’s customary satire; “Split-Down” makes a tender good-bye to a marriage. This is a deeply personal book: poet “split” all over the emotional map.

These poems “are soooo delicious. Mouthwatering. bitter, so sharp, so sad. Such beautiful work. I am absolutely stunned.”
Judy Gouin, artist

Stephen Bett has had six previous books of poetry published — Sass ’n Pass, Three Women, Nota Bene, High-Maintenance, Cruise Control (Ekstasis Editions) and Lucy Kent and other poems (Longspoon Press) — along with a chapbook, High Design Refit (Greenboathouse Books). He is a member of the English Department at Langara College in Vancouver.

ISBN 978-1-897430-43-9
120 Pages
6 x 9
Now Available