Daniel G. Scott

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In middle of his life’s journey, Daniel G. Scott’s second book traces the paths of loss and dying. Terrains concerns explorations, both interior and exterior, real and unreal. The poems travel in landscapes and dreams, some actual, some hoped for, some imagined. Daniel G. Scott records being in the midst of living and dying in poems that resonate with patient forbearance.

In his second volume of poetry, terrains, Daniel Scott leads us on a journey through landscapes of body, heart and soul. A consummate poet, one who does not shy away from life’s shadows, Scott explores his and our inner worlds, their griefs and tragic landscapes:—‘sad children/who can’t explain/why life hurts;’ and our outer worlds with their horror and losses: ‘the shoes of Auschwitz/dusted with ashes,’—‘the metallic chatter of gunfire.’ Through his beauty of image and rhythm, radiance emerges from the brave darkness: ‘the long of love /the way its slowness matters.’ And redemption comes: ‘tone and hue/brushes dawn into life,’ Then joy: ‘how sweet the tones/honey bells.’ Here, in terrains, Daniel Scott has written with grace and sympathy, a remarkable testament to the times of suffering, resilience and great light that accompany us all on our journeys through life.
~ Judith Castle, author of Flare Path

Daniel G. Scott writes in a variety of forms: academic articles, plays, radio and print journalism, but his long standing joy in writing is poetry. His first longer book of poems black onion (Goldfinch Press) was published in 2012 and other poems have been published in the Antigonish Review, The Island Writer, the anthology Poems from Planet Earth, and Radiant Among the Willows, a chapbook edited by Patrick Lane. Many years ago a chapbook: Pyramid and other dreams (Purple Onion Society) was published. In 2013 he coauthored, with Shannon McFerran, The Girls’ Diary Project: Writing ourselves into being (University of Victoria Press) an account of a research project that explored the inner lives of adolescent girls through their diaries. He is currently an associate professor, School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria and continues to write his way through the vicissitudes of life.

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