Dvora Levin (editor)

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Proceeds from sales of this book will be used for further programs at the Rock Bay Landing shelter and PEERS Victoria Resource Society in Victoria, BC.

These are poems from unheard voices, tough words that arise from hope and sorrow, anger and love. They come from the side of the street where light rarely reaches. Listen! The poems were written with tears. Read them with joy.
~ Parick Lane

This is a rare glimpse into a world few of us will ever see, as strange and exotic as a traveler’s tales from some remote destination. The irony is that these poets live here, among us, doing hard time in hard places on the margins of our polite society. The defining quality of their work is its authenticity-not artful phrasing or carefully polished subtleties. The angst of the coffee-shop Bohemian is nowhere to be seen. This is real, raw, flinch-inducing stuff that will challenge you to keep reading and not turn away.
~ Bill Naughton, Deputy Chief (Ret’d) Victoria Police Department

This book of poetry provides a thoughtful, inspiring, and often challenging glimpse into the world around us and the people who make up our community. The poems in this book are remarkable – as are the poets who wrote them – offering insights and experiences we all need to better understand.
~ Dean Fortin, Mayor of the City of Victoria

Words matter and I have long believed in the inspiration of language, oration and the turn of a phrase. I am a talker, not a poet. I have to admit that I was struck by the eloquence, imagery and intensity of the poets who shared the Cool Aid podium at their AGM. These poets used their words in a completely different art form, effective, visceral, lingering. I am rarely humbled at the microphone, let alone struck almost dumb.
~ Rear Admiral Roger Girouard (Ret’d), a consultant with Salt and Sage and Board Member of the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness

A recovering management consultant rewiring her life, Dvora Levin has published two books of poetry, To Bite the Blue Apple and Sharav (Ekstasis Editions). She is an active member of Victoria’s poetry community through public readings and “poeming” unsuspecting citizens in the street, hotel lobbies and Laundromats. It is her passion to invite sex workers, addicts and the homeless to rise from their cold hard beds and speak their truth.


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