Rosemary Blake

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Rosemary Blake’s Wintering is a thoughtful collection of poems of landscape and memory. The poems recall a childhood filled with the loss of a beloved father, but also with the light and beauty of the Australia landscape. Canada provides a way of seeing into this past with its loss and longing; a way which explores the contrast of the seasons, the reversals of winter and summer and the particular beauty of the Canadian landscape. The poet comes to see this country, no longer as a metaphor for longing, but with wonder.Wintering is an outstanding first book of poems, certain to receive a warm reception.

Rosemary Blake’s poems have appeared in numerous literary magazines and journals as wells a number of anthologies. Her chapbook, Aventine, was published in 2003 and she has been a featured reader at the Art Bar poetry series. As well as writing poetry, she has contributed columns on poetry appreciation to the art magazine Surface and
, and leads a literary seminar for adults. Originally from Australia, she has lived in Canada since 1978 and is a citizen of both counties. She now lives in Toronto.

ISBN 978-1-897430-08-8
6 x 9
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