Diane Taylor-Sexton


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 Through the rabble of sound, speed and chaos, there is a sanctuary where highway meets lake, concrete edges woodland. A rush of frantic steps halts in front of a quiet place. The poet lingers. In these poems, a child tests the truth of gravity. Naked bodies plunge into a spring lake, and a car without brakes careens down a highway. Rift is Diane Taylor-Sexton's first poetry collection.

‘With a painter’s eye for description and a boundless curiosity, Taylor-Sexton performs a type of fieldwork in her explorations of the past and her examinations of the present. A reverence for all beings is captured as the poet shows us how to relish the bright spots that will carry us through the dark ones.’
~ Meaghan Strimas

Diane Taylor-Sexton is the recipient of the Hart House Poetry Prize and the Dorothy L. Shoemaker Literary Award for Poetry. Her poetry has been published in collections which include the Hart House Review. Diane Taylor-Sexton has exhibited her art work at galleries including — The Japanese Paper Place, AWOL Gallery, The Women's Art Association, University of Toronto (Sidney Smith Building and Newman Centre), 80 Spadina, The Yorkville Library, and The Royal Ontario Museum.

ISBN 978-1-77171-522-5
112 Pages
6 x 9
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