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A religious sister, teacher, poet and Reiki Master, Eileen Curteis has followed a varied and unconventional spiritual path, ever-moving as in the mythology of the gypsy. Eileen’s new risk-taking poems venture into the complex aspects of life and relationships. Although her work is resurrectional, she addresses with poignant clarity the fears and shadows of being human. In her accessible lyrical style, rich in visual imagery and photography, Eileen the poet, invites you to jump on her caravan and travel with her on a journey inward.
Marnie Butler

Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Eileen Curteis entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Ann in August l96l. Sister Eileen trained in education and spent many years in this field. Over the past thirteen years her path has taken a new direction, and she has been actively involved in a healing ministry at Queenswood Centre in Victoria, a retreat and spiritual growth facility where people explore the sacred in their lives.

ISBN 978-1-894800-92-1
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