George Whipple

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Praised by Margaret Avison and John Robert Columbo, George Whipple is a poet’s poet—a poet other poets look up to as a master craftsman. These poems unite Romantic richness with Classic form—a balance of literary freedom within a matrix of restraint where the new and tradtional, the sacred and profane, the universal and the local join in expressions of graphic joy and lyric praise.

George Whipple was born in Saint John, N B, grew up in Toronto, and now lives and writes in Burnaby, BC. A member of the League of Canadian Poets, he has been profiled in Canadian Author and Poets’ Market (US) and is listed in Contemporary Authors. He has previously published Hats Off to the Sun and Carousel, both from Ekstasis Editions, and Tom Thompson and Other Poems, from Penumbra Press. This is his seventh book.

ISBN 1-894800-30-3
72 Pages
6 x 9
Now available