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ISBN 978-1-77171-295-8 Random Excess (poetry) 23.95
published 2018 135 pages

Random Excess is a collection of writing, the title riffing on the computer language of random access memory - RAM. The poems and other pieces are not theme linked but wander through a range of matters touching on memories, family, the past, places, random others, troubles and occasional nonsense.

ISBN 978-1-77171-152-4 Gnarled Love (poetry) 23.95
published 2016 102 pages

gnarled love is a collection of poems exploring love in its complications and difficulties. Love is a journey and daniel g scott has been writing about love along his artistic path for many years.

ISBN 978-1-77171-035-0 Terrains (poetry) 22.95
published 2014 78 pages

Terrains concerns explorations, both interior and exterior, real and unreal. The poems travel in landscapes and dreams, some actual, some hoped for, some imagined.