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Dumped by his beloved Lostlove, Useless Things is the woeful [redacted] narrative of jazz trumpeter Lewis King. Do we ever get away from the painful truth?

Charles Tidler is a novelist, playwright and poet. Born in Ohio, he grew up in Tipton, Indiana, and attended Purdue to study poetry and philosophy. A Vietnam War draft resister, Charles became a Canadian citizen in 1976. His writing has won many honours and awards. He lives in Victoria, B.C.

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Fiction : ISBN 978-1-77171-200-2


Robert Lalonde
The World on the
Side of a Trout

New non-fiction

Yolande Villemaire
The Cygnus Constellation
New fiction

Blaise Cendrars
Blaise Cendrars Speaks...

New non-fiction
Charles Noble
Mack the Naïf

New poetry

Stephen Scobie
Griffin in the Griffin's Wood
New fiction

J. J. Steinfeld
An Unauthorized Biography of Being
New fiction

Vivian Lamarque
The Golden Man
New poetry
Mona Latif-Ghattas
Sails for Exile
New fiction

Irv Huck
News of the World
New poetry

Robert Giroux
Toward the Rising Sun
New poetry

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Erling Friis-Baastad
Fossil Light
ISBN 978-1-77171-186-9
New poetry

Robert Lalonde
The Heart Is What Dies Last
ISBN 978-1-77171-150-0
New fiction

Bernard Pozier
We Are What We Love
ISBN 978-1-77171-158-6
New poetry

Dmytro Kremin
Poems from the
Sythian Wild
ISBN 978-1-77171-178-4
New poetry

The Second Advent of Zeus
ISBN 978-1-77171-176-0
New poetry
Carmelo Militano
The Stone Mason's Notebook
ISBN 978-1-77171-160-9
New poetry
  Ellen Arrand
Hotel Abundancia
ISBN 978-1-77171-170-8
New fiction
Janet Vickers
Infinite Power
ISBN 978-1-77171-164-7
New poetry
    Robert Martens
ISBN 978-1-77171-162-3
New poetry
daniel g. scott
gnarled love
ISBN 978-1-77171-152-4
New poetry
André Lamontagne
The Parallel Tribunal
ISBN 978-1-77171-156-2
New fiction
John O'Meara
ISBN 978-1-77171-168-5
New fiction
  Diane Régimbald
The Wind Under Our Footsteps
ISBN 978-1-77171-143-2
New poetry
Richard Godwin
ISBN 978-1-77171-154-8
New fiction
   Richard Stevenson
The Heiligen Effect
ISBN 978-1-77171-101-2
New poetry
Charles Tidler
Spit Delaney's Island:
The Play

ISBN 978-1-77171-147-0
New drama
   Mike Doyle
Floating Islands
A Writer's Early Life

ISBN 978-1-77171-099-2
New non-fiction
Jacques Rancourt
Forty-seven Stations
for a Ravaged Town

ISBN 978-1-77171-139-5
New poetry
   Antonio D'Alfonso
ISBN 978-1-77171-129-6
New film / drama
Alex Strieženec
Amsterdam Dawn
ISBN 978-1-77171-113-5
New fiction
  D.C. Reid
The Spirit of the Thing
and the Thing Itself

ISBN 978-1-77171-123-4
New poetry
Walter Hildebrandt
Now Time / Jetztzeit /
Nunc Stans

ISBN 978-1-77171-141-8
New poetry
   Randy Kohan
Rain of Naughts
ISBN 978-1-77171-135-7
New poetry
Harold Rhenisch
The Art of Haying
ISBN 978-1-77171-125-8
New non-fiction
   Blaine Greenwood
Black Cat in the Shadows
ISBN 978-1-77171-137-1
New poetry
Nicole Dargère
Mystery Valley
ISBN 978-1-77171-028-2
New fiction

François Guerrette
Weeping Will Not Save
the Stars

ISBN 978-1-77171-131-9
New poetry
Ruth Simkin
What Makes You Happy
ISBN 978-1-77171-127-2
New fiction
   Károly Fellinger
Sieve of Light
in the Pine Forest

ISBN 978-1-77171-196-8
New Poetry
Candice James
Merging Dimensions
ISBN 978-1-77171-196-8
New Poetry